A little over a mile from it’s current Dixieland location, The Tudor House was originally built in 1927 near the intersection between W Beacon Rd. and S San Gully Rd. In 1935, following one failed attempt, by a previous owner to move the home, Mr. O. Forrest McGill moved it to it’s previous location on 1068 Lake Hollingsworth Rd. The Tudor House changed hands over the next few decades until Mr. Gene Holloway bought it in 1969. Through the years, various owners and renovations, the house came to look quite different than it does today. Mr. Holloway expanded on the building too; adding a garage, more bedrooms, bathrooms, an entertainment bar, and ball room. Primarily built to entertain business partners, and out of town guests, it is known that even Elvis spent some time in Mr. Holloway’s mansion in the 1970’s after a performance at the Lakeland Civic Center. Robert Mozingo, and his wife Madeline, purchased the home in 1987. Enamored by Gene’s sense of style, especially the Arabian décor in the master bedroom, the socially active family also used the home to entertain guests.

When it was purchased from the Mozingos in 2014, the new owners announced plans to replace the storied home with a new structure. Mr. Gregory Fancelli and a few others took action to save and relocate the original, historic portion of the building, known as The Tudor House. As we were getting to know Lakeland and looking at homes for our business, we came across The Tudor and Gregory. After a few discussions about our passion for community, storytelling, preservation, and how we believed the craft of food and drink has the power to unite us all, we became fast friends, and were blessed with the space and opportunity to collectively create Cob & Pen. We are excited our journeys have brought us together. We’re excited to welcome everyone into our home where we hope you will take some time to look around, appreciate the craftsmanship and detail of our space, expand your palate as you experience our craft, and expect to enjoy time well spent, as welcomed guests, crafting your story in our home while we carry on The Tudor’s tradition to entertain.